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BRYANT GROUP has developed a search protocol designed to create a partnership between our clients and the firm. This protocol consists of four separate and distinct phases.

PHASE I – Planning and Preparation
BRYANT GROUP professionals meet with the client to conduct an organizational analysis. We write search specifications for the position and create the recruiting plan, based on the client's unique needs.

PHASE II – Candidate Recruiting
We aggressively recruit the interest of qualified candidates. All contact and interviewing with candidates is conducted by a member of our executive team only. Each member of our executive team served more than a decade as an advancement professional, providing an insider’s understanding of the business and a great respect for the profession.

We evaluate candidates thoroughly by phone discussions, through our vast network of contacts, and finally through in-person interviews prior to introducing them to the client, ensuring only the most highly qualified individuals are presented for consideration.

PHASE III – Candidate Introductions
A member of the executive team personally introduces each candidate selected by the client for personal interviews. This observation of the interview enables us to provide the advice and expertise our clients have come to rely on.

PHASE IV – Successful Completion
BRYANT GROUP professionals advise in the formulation of the offer of employment, including the development of the compensation package and terms of employment. Working as a liaison between the parties allows for the most successful final offer package for both parties, while also preserving and enhancing the relationship between client and new executive.


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